Sunday, 16 February 2014

Blog Sale - Shrilata of Sparkles Unlimited


Hey Everyone,

This is my first ever blog sale in three years of blogging. It was not planned at all but then I might be shifting base soon in a month or so and left with no choice then to cut down my makeup stash! This is a small version of the sale & I have few more lined up.

Few rules:

  • ·         Blog sale is opened for Indian Residents only.
  • ·         Shipping charges are flat 100 INR ! No bargains here.
  • ·         I will be packing the products very safely with bubble wraps n all making sure that they are well protected & least prone to any damage. However, I won’t be responsible for any damage during transition with the courier company.
  • ·         All products are barely used couple of times and are in perfect condition. Some of them are brand new & sealed. All products will be sanitized before shipping out.
  • ·         If you want to purchase a product, comment below and mail me at within 24 hours to confirm the purchase. If you don’t confirm the same within 24 hours, we have full rights to make the product available to next buyer.
  • ·         It will be first come first serve basis. You can still bid for the product in case the first buyer does not confirm the purchase.
  • ·         Once confirmed , the buyer should not back out on the purchase and if such is the case the person will be banned from the future sales .
  • ·         Please don’t bargain on the prices. I am selling them at best affordable prices.


·         I will accept only online payment to my SBI bank account details of which I will share in mail once the buyer confirms the purchase. I won’t accept cheques or paypal.
·         Products will be shipped out once the your purchase amount reflects in my account.
Happy Shopping!

NOTE from the author - This is a third party hosting sale and I would not be responsible for any transactions that happen between the seller and the buyer. Kindly refrain from contacting me about the same. Any queries should go to Shrilata regrading this blog sale.

Lets have a look at what is for sale. The description is in the pictures......

LA Colors Blush - Berry Plum

LA Colors Lip Glosses

LA Colors Sheer Lip Gloss

LA Colors Eyeshadow Palette

LA Colors Eyeshadow palette

LA Colors Powder Blush

Physician's Formula Bronzer

Dermablend Professional Powder

DermaBlend Professional Setting Powder

Lakme Absolute Blush

Lakme Absolute Blush

MAC pigments

MAC pigments

Colorbar Baked eyeshadow

LAKME Absolute Eyeshadow

Lakme Absolute eyeshadow

Lakme Absolute - Sunkissed Bronzer


Colorbar eyeshadow palette

Revlon Foundation

Illamasqua Creme Blush

Illamasqua Creme Blush

Lakme Absolute Blush

Revlon Creme blush

Revlon Blush

Please do mention the 'sale' item in COMMENTS before emailing Shrilata.

Thanks a lot


  1. and colorbar eyeshadow as well

    1. Booked for you Lisha :). Mail me to confirm your purchase

  2. Aww... lishh I wanted MAC pigments.. :P :P

    1. You can still bid for it Poo. If she doesn't confirm in 24 hours will go to you.

    2. hee hee we're both crazy about mac pigments these days no? :p

  3. Replies
    1. Booked for you Swati :). Mail me to confirm.

  4. Lakme Sunkissed Bronzer for me....

    1. Booked for you Revathy. Mail me to conform:)

  5. Thanks a lot friends. I am so happy that Shrilata got such an amazing response.

  6. Thanks a lot everyone. I hope this is a great initiative and do share your blog sales. Thanks a ton Shrilata

  7. Thanks a ton Neeraj for hosting it & I am really happy with the response here :)