Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Blog Sale - Beauty Traveller


I am doing a blog sale of a couple of items that were lying in my vanity case and that haven't got full justice with my hands (due to a ridiculously large number of products that I already use). Most of these are impulsive purchases and they did not appeal to me much later on.I must say that these makeup products are 'used' but they would love to find a lovely owner who could use them more and more till they finish off. 

I declare that this blog sale is a complete PERSONAL affair and I am not a retailer of any sorts.

SOME RULES (before you proceed) -
  • You have to be a resident of India. I would not be shipping orders overseas due to the packaging and shipping charges. I shall be accepting the payment in Indian rupees and each of the payment has to be made by bank transfer (unless you are local and get in the cash). I do not accept PayPal or cheques.
  • Please book your product in the COMMENTS section and send me an email on regarding your booking.
  • I do have the complete rights to add or subtract products from the sale without notification of the modification.
  • Booking once done should not be cancelled (if you have a smidgen of ethics). Please use your conviction before making the purchase as you are liable to purchase it (especially if the item is in demand). It is very unethical on the buyers part to cancel the purchase and when such is done, the buyer will not be entertained again and will be barred from the future blog sales that shall happen on this blog. This also includes sales of premium brands like Guerlain and Chanel.
  • I am selling them at an affordable price so that a novice who may be scared of buying a brand new product may use these to begin her/his journey. 
  • I cannot give guarantee or any information of the items sold as I do not have them in the boxes. I can assure you that the products are not spoiled or soiled and I have taken utmost care to spray the surfaces of these products with Surgical Spirit aka Iso-propyl alcohol to maintain hygiene and colors in their most optimal condition.Kindly remember that 'powder based' products do not spoil for a long time and that if certain measures of hygiene are used then their longevity is prolonged.
  • I shall be able to quote the shipping rate only after gauging the order quantity and weight.
  • For people who have purchased above 2500 INR, you are entitled for a free L'Oreal eyeshadow listed in the post. In case I am exhausted with those shadows, I shall be sending MAC pigment samples worth 350 INR. One per 2500 order. You can order in multiples of 2500 as well. For eg. 5000 INR and 2 samples and so on and so forth.
  • I hold the full authority on the sale that is made and can reject any proposal at my disposition in case there are malicious activities of any sort happening around.
  • Let's keep the blog sale a nice affair that everyone would enjoy. 

How to make a purchase?
  • Browse through the list and see which products you like. The information and the price is given in the picture.
  • Write in 'Comments' section for booking the product. Kindly be specific in the shade names etc.
  • As soon as you post it in the comments, send me a mail on enlisting the products you have purchased, stating your complete postal address and contact details. Kindly wait for the confirmation ( I may not reply promptly in case I am working) and deposit the money on the given bank details (enclosed in your email).
  • As soon as the payment reflects on my bank statement, I shall try my best to make the shipment as fast as I can. 
  • The products will be wrapped in a bubble wrap and cellotape to ensure their safety till they reach you. I hope this helps and satisfies as many as questions that I could answer.
  • Do not pre-book the products. Kindly have a peek in your wallet before making the list. I'd appreciate your cooperation and not denial while paying for the purchases.
  •  Please do not indulge in 'weird' activities of booking the product for anyone else. I would not tolerate such behavior.
  • Please book and pay for your products only. Which means I have no interference on any dealings of the products once its sold from house.

Lipsticks - NEW and Unused

BH cosmetics 88 Standard Matte Color Palette - INR 700

Elizabeth Arden Limited Edition Bronzers

BH cosmetics 88 Standard Shimmer Palette - INR 650

 BH cosmetics MALIBU palette - INR 700 (new and just swatched)

Chanel Eyeshadow Quads - 1000 each

Dior 5 Couleur eyeshadow palettes

Clinique Color Surge Eyeshadow Quads - 600 INR each

Givenchy Blushes

Lancome Single Eyeshadows - 400 INR each (forgot to write the pricing)

Lancome Eyeshadow palettes

Girlactik and Laura Mercier

Freebies on purchase of 2500 INR.

MAC Single powder eyeshadows Rs.500 each.

MAC Mineralize blushes. Buy one for 700 INR. Buy 2 or more and get each one for 550 INR

Miscellaneous MAC Products

MAC Chromaline Gel liner + NYX Jumbo Pencil SET for 750 INR

Set of BRAND NEW MAC Gel Liner in Blitz Glitz + In Extreme Dimension Mascara + MAC Mineralize eyeshadow in Interview - 2100 INR

MAC Mineralize Eyeshadows - 500 INR each

Miscellaneous eyeshadows

Stila Holiday Palette

BH Cosmetics Tropical Shimmer palette - 700 INR

MAC Pigments

These pigments will be sold in small plastic jars and shall cost 350 INR each. The limited edition pigments eg. Archies' collection would cost 400 INR for a small jar each. An added 100 INR for shipping is a must on any of the purchase. I can sell the full MAC jar if requested and if the stock is available.

MAC Pigments - Nebula, Tan, Blood line, Reflects Bronze, Chocolate Brown, Blue Brown

MAC Pigments - Frozen White, Vanilla, Reflects Transparent Teal, Aurora, Naked, Pink Opal

MAC Pigments - Platinum, Old gold

MAC pigments - Cornflower, Violet, Pink Pearl, Pink Bronze, Fuchsia, Grape

MAC pigments - Teal, Blue Brown, Lucky in Love, Antique Green, Golden Olive, Deep Blue Green

MAC Pigments - Magic Spells, Black Black, Starless Nights, Black Poodle

MAC Pigment in Cheers my Dear

Happy Buying! Do mail me your bookings and queries on

Thanks a lot

Dr. Neeraj Navare


  1. Illamasqua eyeshadow blue, mac mineralize blush merrily, warm soul. bh cosmetics malibu palette. mac kit of 2100,

    1. That was fast and nice. Thanks a lot. You get the freebies

    2. i had 2 be fast or everything wud have vanished :p you published the post at right time! :D

    3. I also want ac chromaline black black and nyx jumbo eye pencil

  2. mac msf light flush, mac love joy and nuance, put me in queue for merrily and warm soul, also in queue for the mac 2100 kit with the mascara fluidline and eyeshadw

    1. Thanks a lot Rmyah. U need to send me a confirmation mail on to confirm the products asap.

    2. I shall be able to wait for a day of your confirmation and then take the another taker who wanted the product. Kindly send me an email to confirm.

    3. I've emailed you Neeraj :)

  3. Mac mineralise blush nuance for me pls..

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. so sorry Swati. Nuance has been sold. Do let me know in case you want anything else. Thanks

  4. I would like to take the Estee Lauder Beige Lipstick & laura mercier eyeliner in ebony.

  5. Givenvhy euphoric orange
    Mac msf or if that's taken then setting powder
    Mac buckwheat
    Elizabeth arden golden bronzer
    mac nuance and lovejoy

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Nuance and Lovejoy are already purchased by Rmyah..

  6. Also keep me in queue for chromaline set

  7. Niraj
    I want these 2 ,sending you email right away as well.
    Dior 5 Couleur eyeshadow palettes- Troipical Lights
    Chanel Eyeshadow Quads -Smokey Eyes

  8. Thanks a lot. Perfect. Send me a mail to confirm.

    1. I sent you d mail confirmation already :)
      please check

  9. Shivani's cousin was not able to comment. She would want the Givenchy Maharani collection highlighter, and MAC mineralize eyeshadows in Sea & Sky and Blue Sorcery.

  10. Madhubani would like to go for Martini, threesome, natural flare and midnight madness. Thanks a ton Madhubani.

  11. MAC mineralize powder in light flush, MAC warm sould and merrily blush,BH cosmetics standard matte color palette.

    1. I can only sell the BH 88 matte palette. Everything else is sold.

  12. Neha Sange buys the. 88 shimmer palette

  13. Is Clinique Martini still available? And any of the MAC MSFs?

  14. Hi Neeraj, I would like to order the BHCosmetics 88 Matte palette if it's still available. Thanks

    1. I am so sorry. That has been bought too. I shall let you know if there is anything that is left. Thanks a lot.

  15. Hi,
    What would be the cost of an entire jar of Platinum and deep blue green, please? If they are still for sale, that is.

  16. You should try posting your sale on so more people can find it. Its a site dedicated to makeup blog sales.

  17. Hey, I'd like to know if there are any products left available to purchase?:)

  18. Hi
    Is the mac aurora still available?