Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Blog Sale - Nikki

Hi All,

Please have a look at the sale hosted by Nikki. For her blog sale link click HERE.

Thanks a lot.

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Blog Sale - Nishtha Gupta

Hello Friends,

I am hosting a blog sale for Nishtha and shall be posting the entire sale now. Please do abide by the rules and please contact Nishtha for any queries and buying. 



(JUNE 2014)

Products shown here are brand new but at reduced prices.


# If you are interested in buying something, comment below . Please don't backout after commenting

Send me a direct email @ - beautynishthagupta@gmail.com
( Serious buyers only)

# Shipping charge of Panther worldwide couriers – the shipping charges would be discussed in the reciprocated email to your order.

# Payment 100% in advance. All payments through NEFT/ Bank transfer only

# Strictly no bargaining.

# You have to be a resident of India to participate in the sale.

# I do have the complete rights to add or subtract products from the sale without notification.

# Booking once done should not be cancelled. No returns or refunds.

Enjoy shopping guys !!


Please find the products after the jump break....

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Blog Sale - Swati

Hi everyone,

First of all, thank you very much Neeraj for letting me host this sale on your blog. 

  1. All items are either new/unused or used only once or twice and are sanitized
  2. All the lip and eye pencils have never been sharpened. Mascara and liquid liner are unused.
  3. If you are interested in buying something, comment below and send email to swati.t.rao@gmail.com  to confirm. I will send you my bank details. 
  4. All payments through NEFT
  5. Shipping charge of DTDC - 100 INR fixed
  6. Payment should be made within 24 hours
  7. I will bubble wrap every item securely while packaging it. However I will not be responsible for any damage during shipping
  8. Please don't back out after commenting.

Item List

1   Nars Blush -  AMOUR
MRP – 30 USD
Sale Price – 900 INR

2    Mac Eye Shadow - Naked Lunch
MRP -  850 INR
Sale Price -  450 INR

3   Color Eye Shadow Trio – Seductively Nude (006)
MRP – 575 INR
Sale Price – 300 INR

4   CHAMBOR jewels Metallic eye shadow - # 1. Copper Brown
MRP  -  575 INR
Sale Price – 350 INR

   Loreal Mineral Eye Liner – No 3 Meteorite blue
MRP  ~  500 INR
Sale Price – 250 INR

6    Face Canada Shimmer Cream Eye Shadow -  NSH003 Gold
MRP – 499 INR
Sale Price – 200 INR

7   Maybelline Lipstick – No 275 Crazy for Coffee
MRP – 375 INR
Sale Price – 175 INR

8    Lakme 9 to 5 Lipstick  - Peony Goal
MRP – 400 INR
Sale Price -  200 INR

     Lakme 9 to 5 Lipstick – Red Chaos
MRP –  400 INR
Sale Price – 200 INR

1   Faces Go Chic Lipstick – Fig
MRP – 200 INR
Sale Price – 100 INR
(Buy 2 for 150 INR) 

1   Faces Go Chic Lipstick – Prairie Pink
MRP – 200 INR
Sale Price – 100 INR
(Buy 2 faces lipsticks for 150 INR)

1   Amway Lip gloss – Icy Pink
MRP – 359 INR
Sale Price -  150 INR

     Maybelline Dream Touch Blush – 05
MRP – 375 INR
Sale Price – 179 INR

     Oriflame Studio Artist Cream Blush – Soft peach
MRP – 525 INR
Sale Price – 250 INR

1    Faces Lip Liner – No 045
MRP –  299 INR
Sale Price – 120 INR

1   Maybelline  ColorSensational Lip Liner – Velvet Beige (no .630)
MRP – 275 INR
Sale Price -  100 INR

1   LASplash liquid eyeliner – Gold Sparkle
MRP – 795 INR
Sale Price – 200 INR

1   Oriflame Kohl Pencil  - Nude
MRP – 249 INR
Sale Price  - 100 INR

     LASplash Smudge Proof Mascara -  Black
MRP – not sure
Sale Price – 200 INR

     Real techniques flat foundation brush from Core Collection
Sale Price – 200 INR

Happy shopping!!

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

BLOG SALE - For the Summer 2104


I am doing a blog sale of a couple of items that were lying in my vanity case and that haven't got full justice with my hands (due to a ridiculously large number of products that I already use). Most of these are impulsive purchases and they did not appeal to me much later on.I must say that these makeup products are 'used' but they would love to find a lovely owner who could use them more and more till they finish off. 

I declare that this blog sale is a complete PERSONAL affair and I am not a retailer of any sorts.

SOME RULES (before you proceed) -
  • You have to be a resident of India. I would not be shipping orders overseas due to the packaging and shipping charges. I shall be accepting the payment in Indian rupees and each of the payment has to be made by bank transfer (unless you are local and get in the cash). I do not accept PayPal or cheques.
  • Please book your product in the COMMENTS section and send me an email on neerajnavare@yahoo.com regarding your booking.
  • I do have the complete rights to add or subtract products from the sale without notification of the modification.
  • Booking once done should not be cancelled (if you have a smidgen of ethics). Please use your conviction before making the purchase as you are liable to purchase it (especially if the item is in demand). It is very unethical on the buyers part to cancel the purchase and when such is done, the buyer will not be entertained again and will be barred from the future blog sales that shall happen on this blog. This also includes sales of premium brands like Guerlain and Chanel.
  • I am selling them at an affordable price so that a novice who may be scared of buying a brand new product may use these to begin her/his journey. 
  • I have noticed that some buyers are re-selling the products bought from my blog sale. I have no problem with it, but I don't like it which is why those buyers would not be entertained.
  • I cannot give guarantee or any information of the items sold as I do not have them in the boxes. I can assure you that the products are not spoiled or soiled and I have taken utmost care to spray the surfaces of these products with Surgical Spirit aka Iso-propyl alcohol to maintain hygiene and colors in their most optimal condition.Kindly remember that 'powder based' products do not spoil for a long time and that if certain measures of hygiene are used then their longevity is prolonged.
  • I shall be able to quote the shipping rate only after gauging the order quantity and weight.
  • For people who have purchased above 2500 INR, you are entitled for a free L'Oreal eyeshadow listed in the post. In case I am exhausted with those shadows, I shall be sending MAC pigment samples worth 350 INR. One per 2500 order. You can order in multiples of 2500 as well. For eg. 5000 INR and 2 samples and so on and so forth.
  • I hold the full authority on the sale that is made and can reject any proposal at my disposition in case there are malicious activities of any sort happening around.
  • Let's keep the blog sale a nice affair that everyone would enjoy. 

How to make a purchase?
  • Browse through the list and see which products you like. The information and the price is given in the picture.
  • Write in 'Comments' section for booking the product. Kindly be specific in the shade names etc.
  • As soon as you post it in the comments, send me a mail on neerajnavare@yahoo.com enlisting the products you have purchased, stating your complete postal address and contact details. Kindly wait for the confirmation ( I may not reply promptly in case I am working) and deposit the money on the given bank details (enclosed in your email).
  • As soon as the payment reflects on my bank statement, I shall try my best to make the shipment as fast as I can. 
  • The products will be wrapped in a bubble wrap and cellotape to ensure their safety till they reach you. I hope this helps and satisfies as many as questions that I could answer.
  • Do not pre-book the products. Kindly have a peek in your wallet before making the list. I'd appreciate your cooperation and not denial while paying for the purchases.
  •  Please do not indulge in 'weird' activities of booking the product for anyone else. I would not tolerate such behavior.
  • Please book and pay for your products only. Which means I have no interference on any dealings of the products once its sold from house.

Friday, 18 April 2014

Blog SALE - Preeti Sharma

Dear Readers and Buyers,

This is a blog sale hosted by Preeti Sharma. Kindly contact her for further details. Please note that this page is for promotion of her blog sale. Do follow the rules and abide by them.




PLEASE BE NOTED: ALL items are Unused, Packed and *Authentic* OR DOUBLE YOUR MONEY BACK!
P.S. - Some items are without box since they came in set and hence there is no box, but selling them loose, in an unused state.

#1 O.P.I. Nail Lacquer (Various) - Full Size 15 ml - INR 525 including shipping
(Shade – Pink Friday - Nicki Minaj Collection -15ml - INR 525 including shipping
Shade - Austen- tatious Turquoise - Texas Collection - 15ml - INR 525 including shipping
Shade - Give Me Moor - OPI Coleccion de España - INR 525 including shipping
Shade - Got the Blues for Red -OPI Classics Collection) - INR 525 including shipping
OPI Top Coat 15 ml - INR 525 including shipping)

#2 NARS Orgasm Illuminator 30 ml – INR 1200

#3 NARS Pure Matte Lipstick - Shade: Film Star 2 gms – INR 800

#4 NARS single Eyeshadow - Shade: Edie 2.2 gms INR 800

#5 NARS Blush Duo - Deep Throat & Amour shades 5gms INR 1600

#6 NARS Orgasm Lip Gloss - Full Size 8 gms – INR 900

#7 NARS Orgasm Nail Polish Full size 15 ml - INR 650

#8 NARS Foreplay Palette with box 10 gms – INR 4500

#9 NARS Eye Shadow Pencil - Aigle Noir - Full Size 4 gms – INR 800

#10 Sephora Pocket sized eye shadow Palette. (Bought from Sephora U.S) INR 999

#11 Lancôme Juicy Tube Lip Gloss - Flavor Melon - New in Box 15 ml – INR 1700

#12 Benefit Cha Cha tint with box 12.5 ml - INR 2500

#13 Benefit Benetint with box 12.5 ml - INR 2500

#14 NARS Miami Palette ONLY -- with Box - INR 4800

#15 & #16 Love & Toast 98% Organic Lip Balm - Vanilla chai and Star Anise - New in Box- INR 600 for 2, INR 350 for 1

#17 Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Lip Protectant (Round tin - Sealed) 13 ml INR 850

#18 Ruby Kisses Pot O'miracle Lip Revitalizer Maximum Healing – Sealed 10 gm - INR 350 for 1, INR 600 for 2

#19 Agatha Tropical Lip Balm with SPF 15 Sealed – INR 500

#20 Purederm Products: Most Range (Made In Korea) - Request from WWW.PUREDERM.COM - Purderm Range Price Range: (INR 50 TO 250)

#21 Kryolan Products! – On Request

#22 Aluminum Collectable Tins: Houses 15 gms product- INR 200 (I Ship Random Print)


(Subject Line: “WISH TO PURCHASE” )

How to Pay? Mail the items you are interested to buy. *SERIOUS BUYERS ONLY* , I will reply back upon their availability, Kindly transfer payments through NEFT/Bank transfer to my HDFC Account at Delhi
Payment must be received within 48 hours after confirmation via e-mail.

Shipping: INR 100 For secured packaging and delivery through DTDC, Tracking ID will be mailed to you at earliest (I ship from New Delhi )